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I recieved my ID badge on or prior to my first day.
I recieved my Parking Tag on or prior to my first day.
The parking options were clearly explained to me.
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Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Employee Assistance
UMMS Overview
New Employee Website
Data Security
Lab Safety
What was your overall impression of the New Hire Orientation
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New Hire Orientation For Non-Benefitted Employees
Thank you for attending the New Hire Orientation. We hope you found the New Hire Orientation informative.  Please complete the online survey to help us measure the effectiveness of the orientation. Your feedback is anonymous so please feel free to share your comments about your New Hire experience with us.
Overall rating of your experience prior to your first day of employment
The Presenters were helpful in providing answers to my questions.
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Employee Assistance
Diversity and Equal Opportunity
UMMS Overview/Learning and Development Website
Data Security