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Faculty Events

Program: Special Events

  1. New Faculty Orientation
    • The purpose of this orientation is to present new faculty at all levels with an overview of the institution, toward assisting faculty in beginning a successful career at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  It will provide an opportunity to hear from institutional leaders on topics that will help you succeed in your career at UMMS, such as:
      •  the organizational structure of the institution
      •  advice for new faculty
      •  a guide to promotion and tenure
      •  the annual performance review
      •  opportunities for professional development
      •  how to get involved in teaching
      Participants will acquire a core set of information that is essential for all faculty, as well as information tailored to specific faculty interests that will help identify the skills needed for academic, and professional success at UMMS.
  1. 9/26/2017
  2. 7:45 AM - 11:30 AM
  3. S2-351 2nd floor, Medical School, University
  1. Office of Faculty Affairs
  1. Office of Faculty Affairs
  1. Core
  1. Classroom
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  1. Faculty Only